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Trainer                                                                            Contact Info Website/e-mail

Chuck Hinson    Armed    Armored Car    801-280-8998 or 801 641-3416

Clark Aposian    Armed    Unarmed    Armored Car    801-943-5322 Clark@fairwarning.biz

Lions Gate Academy / Utah Valley University Web Based Training:  Unarmed Basic  Onlinesecuritytraining.com

Rick Hafen Armed, Unarmed St George, UT Area 435-862-6860   r_hafen@hotmail.com 

Monique Jackman    Armed    Unarmed    (801)-872-1019  www.code3si.net  Ogden

Peak Security    Armed    Unarmed    (801)- 428-1399  Weekly Classes

​David J. De Witt   Armed Unarmed   801-425-5322   dewittdj@gmail.com and www.beehivedefense.com

Scott Campbell    Armed​    Unarmed    (801) 205-6254     Scott.Campbell@stridersecurity.com

Finis Thomas    Armed    Ogden, Utah    (801) 814-1538

Jim Scott    Armed    Unarmed    Bedrock Protection (801) 713-3600, cell  997-0989

Ethan Andrews    Armed    Unarmed    MOAB    Handcuff    801-512-7254        ethanmacandrews@hotmail.com

Fred Frazier    Unarmed    801-627-8471    fred.frazier@otech.edu

Derek Van Voris    Armed    Unarmed    801-726-6675    www.beehivedefense.com  dvanvoris@msn.com

Randy Hafen    armed    unarmed    St. George area    435-632-3638    rhafen@hotmail.com

Utah Firearms and Security Training Armed Unarmed   Utahfastllc@gmail.com   Utahfast.com    
    ( Also can do fingerprinting for initial license )