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The PACSCO training program was written to be in complete compliance with the Department of Occupational and Professional Licensing (DOPL)  training requirements, as established on August 8, 2019.  The PACSCO program also has the training elements suggested by National Association of Contract Security Companies, National Association of Security and Investigator Regulators, the Private Sector Liaison Committee of the International Association of Chiefs of Police, ASIS International’s Private Security Officer Selection and Training Guideline and the Security Officer Dacum developed by the Law Enforcement 2000 Subcommittee in conjunction with Salt Lake Community College. 

The training program is regularly reviewed, and approved, by the DOPL Security Education Peer Review Committee as well as the Security Personnel Licensing Board.

Our overall objective is to provide adequate training in the basic elements of security training to all individuals so employed in the state. Each module of the training program includes both basic and advanced training material and was developed as a stand alone lesson. It is hoped that the advanced material will be used for the on-going training. Each module may in-part duplicate core or basic security officer duties found in other modules. This was done specifically to make each lesson a complete treatise and to reiterate the basics of report writing, public relations and response to emergency situations etc. 

The current training requirements for an Unarmed Security License is 8 Hours of CLASSROOM training under the direction of an qualified instructor in attendance through all training hours. The training topics are listed in R 561-63a-602 & 603.  Armed Security Licenses require in addition to the 8 hours of basic unarmed training, an additional 12 classroom/range hours of instruction followed by a written exam and passing a practical shooting with a score of 80%.

​There is a requirement for an additional 32 hours of training every two years.

DISCLAIMER: The PACSCO Training program is comprised of generally used and acceptable standard practices currently used by most contract security companies. Previous training, experience, company policy as well as state and federal laws should be considered in using this training material.
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