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July 1, 2021  DOPL is now accepting applications. Fingerprinting is available  by appointment only. Appointments can be made on the DOPL Homepage.

June 1, 2020 The Utah Legislature passed SB 23 allowing Security Officers licensed in states with similar licensing requirements to Utah be licensed by endorsement. The DOPL Website has a map showing states that have licensing similar to Utah's requirements. 

March 2020 - DOPL is not accepting fingerprint requests. Security Officer licenses will be issued an Interim License upon a successful FBI/Utah BCI name check. The Interim License is only good for 6 month, no extensions! The licensee should submit fingerprints with their application. Fingerprints can be obtained at DPS or a private fingerprinting company

August 8, 2019 The PASCSO Basic Training Program was re-certified. Version 8 will be sent to all dues paying members around August 15th. New Third Party Agreements will be required by DOPL.  With Version 8, I have expanded the Armed Training Module to include Rifle & Shotgun qualification. DOPL Forms are included on the CD.

August 11, 2016  The PACSCO Basic Training Program was approved today by the Security Personnel Licensing Board. New CD's will be mailed to PACSCO members.

June 24, 2014    DOPL has modified the Rules to follow the training outline proposed by PACSCO and the Perry Rose Committee. Basic training is still 24 hours, but the final 8 hours can be Elective training determined by the instructor from published guidelines. Current CPR/First Aid/AED training accepted as part of the basic training. 

June 7, 2012 - Clyde Ormond our Bureau Manager at DOPL is retiring this month. We appreciate everything that Clyde has done for the contract security industry in Utah!

December 29, 2011 - Our next Train the Trainer will be held in Salt Lake on January 7, 2013. No charge to PACSCO members. RSVP at

November 22, 2011 -The latest Rules change has been in effect for over 6 months now.  There are some very good changes in the new Rules regarding lightbars  and  eliminating  the  awful  Temporary License  process.  There is also  a requirement to present a Certificate of Training at the conclusion of all training showing the number of hours of training and being signed by the instructor. This should eliminate the end of year rush to show continuing education training. 

The major change is the 24 hour pre-hire, classroom training by means of a live in-class lecture... etc.  This  has eliminated  any on-the-job  training,  computer  based  training  and strictly video least for the Basic Training. 

Unarmed Basic Instructors are now required to have three (3) years of supervisory experience and will have to have completed a four hour instructor training program. PACSCO submitted an eight hour Train the Trainer program to DOPL last Summer. The program is attached as well as a copy of the new Rules.  All new program disks will include the Train the Trainer presentation. Instructors teaching firearms only do not currently have to meet this requirement.

March 2, 2011 - HB 375 passed out of Committee yesterday and is on the Senate Consent Calendar. This makes passage a certainty. When signed into law by the Governor it will allow Armed Security Officers to work as Unarmed Security Officers. Our thanks to Representative Ken Ivory for sponsoring the legislation. PACSCO sponsored the Bill and spoke in favor of the legislation at both the House and Senate Committee hearings.

December 10, 2010 - New License application available at DOPL.

November 12, 2010 - The proposed Rules change have as yet to be published. DOPL is proposing, in essence, taking the existing 8 hour pre-hire training and exstend it to 24 hours. As such the basic training program will not remain unchanged. 

September 21, 2010 - DOPL has mailed out the license renewal cards. Renewals should be submitted before November 15, 2010 in insure that the new license is in-hand on December 1, 2010.  If any of your officers have not yet received the renewal notice they will have to either renew at DOPL or fill out and mail a renewal form (Forms are available on the DOPL website).

August 12, 2010 - The Security Personnel Licensing Board met yesterday  and approved the 24 hour pre-hire proposal made by the Ad Hoc Committee. The proposal was not presented to the Education Committee for their recommendation to the board. The Rules changes will be presented at the October 14th meeting and a Rules Hearing on the changes will be held in conjunction with the December 9th Board meeting. If approved the changes will take effect in January of 2011. This will finally put an end to the terrible system we have now with the 60 day OJT letter.

August 11, 2010 - Perry Rose's committee met today in preparation to Mr. Rose proposing that the Licensing Board move along with changing the pre-hire, basic training from the current requirement of 8 hours to 24 hours of pre-hire, classroom training. This in essence takes the current requirement of R 156-63a-603 and expands the same training topics to 24 hours. The membership is sharply divided on this issue, and as such the alliance will be neutral on support at the board meeting. I would invite everyone to attend the board meeting  (August 12, 2010, 10:00 am, Room 210 at DOPL) and voice your support or objection.  

August 5, 2010 - The Education Committee met again today to discuss the Basic Training Program. A long meeting with a lot of very good discussion. The hanging point is still to require 24 hours of pre-hire training, or 16 hours of basic core training. The committee sent the matter back to Perry Rose's ad hoc committee, so there will probably will not be any changes this year.

August 2, 2010 - DOPL is sending out their audit letters in preparation to the license renewal in November.  This will be the last renewal where you'll have to research the training given as with the new Rules, expected to go into effect On December 1, 2010, will require the trainer to give Certificates of Training to  trainees. 

July 21, 2010 - The new Basic Training and Train the Trainer Programs will be reviewed on August 5th so the committee can report their recommendations to the Board on the 12th. It is thought that the Train The Trainer Program will be a required part  of every "approved" training program.  This makes a lot of sense to have the trainer module within the training program; makes it easier to manage the certified trainers that use an approved training program. 

June 29, 2010 -The Educational Peer Review Committee met last week to consider the new 24 hour training program. Perry Rose and his committee has done an excellent job in streamlining the current 8+16 hour training program to 16 hours of basic "core" training with an additional 8 hours of "Elective" training.

The membership is opposed to the program as it requires all 24 hours of training to be pre-hire training. 

June 15, 2010 - DOPL has a new application for security officers. The new form is available at the DOPL website. 

June 10th - The June 10th board meeting went well. Thanks to those who were able to attend, your comments were well received. It looks like the Train-The-Trainer Program will be handled separately from the Unarmed Basic Security Officer Training review. PACSCO will present our Train-The-Trainer Program to the Peer  Review Committee at their next meeting. 
I feel that we should address specifically how to teach the PACSCO Program rather than a very broad and general program on how to instruct the state's basic training.

The revised basic training will be 16 hours of pre-hire classrom training. I think everyone is in agreement on that. The discussion now is to require a third day of prehire training. We currently have 8 hours and pretty much agree that 16 hours of prehire training is the "basic" requirement for all new security officers in Utah. The third day of training impacts our ability to hire and deploy security personnel to meet our needs. This will be a very serious problem when the economy rebounds and unemployment drops below 4%. 

June 9, 2010 - A quick reminder from BCI and DOPL that the applicant who requests his/her Utah Criminal History report will need to be fingerprinted as part of that process. This is not to be confused with the fingerprints required, bu DOPL, for application for a security license in Utah. There is no charge for the BCI prints.

May 6, 2010 - The Qualifying Agent exam question bank has been reviewed by DOPL and the testing company. All questions were evaluated for their relevancy given the duties of the QA. The updated question bank should be on-line by the end of the month.   

April 15, 2010 The Education Committe reported to the board that they were finalizing the new training requirement recommendations. As mentioned earlier, this will require the companies/trainers to give 16 hours of pre-hire classroom unarmed training with the required exam followed by 8 hours of elective training with exams for each module. This will be discussed again at the Licensing Board meeting on June 10, 2010. 

April 11, 2010 TRAINERS: Effective May 1, 2010 trainers will need to be listed under the company's PACSCO training number. In this manner DOPL will be able to know who actually did the basic training. The company training number will be posted in addition to the pacsco number. (i.e. xxxx-1,-2 etc.) Individual trainers should continue to list your 4 digit number. I would appreciate a resume of all trainers.

April 1, 2010  The agenda for the April Security Personnel Licensing Board meeting can be seen at:

March 26, 2010  The April Security Licensing Board meeting will be held on April 15, 2010 in order for the Educational Committee and the Peer Review Committee to meet jointly with the Board to discuss the training recomendations.

March 24, 2010 Perry Rose's Educational Committee met again today and finalized the draft recommendations that will be presented to the Licensing Board next month. The recommendations will include eliminating the current 8 +16 hours of training. The new training requirements will be all pre-hire hours: 16 hours basic classroom core topic training followed by a competency exam followed by 8 hours of ''elective" training. After the 24 hours of prehire training the license application can be presented to DOPL. Continuing Education will increase to 5 hours to be completed every 6 months. All training will documented with a Certificate of Completion. It is the intent of the committee to raise the standard of training for licensed security officers in Utah. 

In addition to the new training requirements, all trainers will be required to attend a Train-the-Trainer class and have their training credentials approved by the Educational Peer Review Committee. The recommendations are going to be presented to the Licensing Board on April 15th. Interested parties need to be in attendance. 

March 23, 2010  The 2010 Master Study Resolution S.J.R. 15, by Senator Jenkins can be viewed at: Â  The joint resolution of the Legislature gives the Legislative Management Committee items of study it may assign to the appropriate interim committee. One of those items is Armed Guard Licensure - the purpose is to study whether armed guard licensure should be moved from the Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing to the Bureau of Criminal Identification.  We were under Public Safety between 1978 and 1994, with no ill effects.  

March 3, 2010  Perry Rose's Educational Committed met to discuss changes to the Basic Education Requirements for licensure. The trend is toward doing a basic 8 hours of instruction followed with 8 or 16 hours of pre-hire classroom instruction, possibly from a menu of topics that will better suit the needs of the company. (the is particularily important for event staff) Trainers will need to be "certified" and all trainers will need to attend a Train the Trainer Class before they start teaching.  PACSCO will regularily sponsor the Train the Trainer classes.

February  1, 2010 DOPL is still working on the training requirements. I anticipate that they will propose 16 hours of Pre-Hire Basic Training, but no post hire training. The 16 hours of Continuing Education will remain unchanged. Basic training topics will most like remain the same. DOPL is also considering reviewing the training topics to be sure that they pertain to 2010. 

The PACSCO website will be completed in a few days. We'll post current events, link to sites such as ASIS, and have a Members Only Section where training materials can be archived.. We'll also have listings for Trainers. The website is at

One of the concerns that has been expressed by DOPL is certifying the final examination. If we go to the DOPL vendor wit will cost $ 72.00 per test. I currently have the 8 Hour Test available on-line. We could make it available for $ 5.00 per test, which would cover the cost of administering the test and our web site. 

The next issue to reviewed by the board, is how are instructors evaluated as being suitable and competent to teach. DOPL is not in a position to register or certify instructors, but they are going to want some proof of competency. We've discussed the matter in the board meetings and with the educational committee and think what will happen is that PACSCO will sponsor a Train-the Trainer Program for all of those who will do the DOPL related training. One thing we will do before Summer is associate the company with the trainer to DOPL can audit and monitor the training better. I'll develop a subcategory to the training number so the trainer will sign the application as 2222 (company number) -1 2 3 etc. That suffix number will be the trainer s assigned number. This will allow DOPL to better investigate training issues. I'll need a list of your people doing training and a resume that demonstrates their qualifications to teach.

Finally a Rules change is being presented that will allow patrol cars to have a roof mounted lightbar displaying White (clear), Amber or Green lights, to be used only on private/client's property. Running lights on a public street will be Unprofessional Conduct 

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