1994  Published first state approved Basic Security Training Program
1998  Re-Certified PACSCO Basic Training Program
2002  Re-certified Basic Training
2003  Sponsored SB88 Giving citation authority to DOPL for security licensing
2005  Opposed  HB 368   Proposed to give DOPL Investigators Special Function Status 
2005  Opposed SB 71 Eliminating special event bag checker from being licensed
2006  Re-certified and expanded Basic training
2007  Sponsored SB 83 Armored Car Bill
2008  Certified 16 Hour Post-Hire Training Program
2008  Expanded Basic Training to include Armored Car officers.
2008  Re-Certified Basic Training Program
2009  On-line  testing
2010  Created a Train The Trainer module to be used with the PACSCO Training Program.
2011  Sponsoring HB 375to allow armed security officers to work unarmed posts. (this is a defect in                                 the 1994 Legislation) Passed!
2011  Supporting SB 92 Requirements for police officers to private security.  Passed!
2012  Supported SB 120 Expanded requirements for law enforcement doing security. Passed!
2012  Re-Certified PACSCO Basic Security Officer Training Program.
2013  Supported SB 130, changes to the Security Personnel Licensing Act
2014  PACSCO Basic Training Program re-certified.
2014  Supported SB 94, Changes to the Security Personnel Licensing Act
2014  Proposed changes to the Basic Security Officer Training Program.  DOPL approval 6/24/2014
2016  Supported SB 227S, Changes to the Licensing Board
2016  Supported HB 427, Adding protections to law enforcement officers working as security officers
2016  Expanded Firearms Training and submitted Basic Training Program for re-certification
2017  Supported HB 425S Changes to the Security Personnel Licensing Act
2018  Supported SB 197 Set the minimum training hours for Unarmed & Armed Security Officer. Passed
2019  Supported Rules change to reflect the minimum training hours as established by the legislature in 2018.
2019  Basic Training Program re-formatted to follow new training guidelines as established by the Board. 
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